Saturday, September 29, 2012

These Powerful Antioxidant Foods Contains Free Radical Killers

These powerful antioxidant and trace element foods below kill disease forming free radicals from destroying your health from debilitating disorder such as arthritis and other autoimmune disorders.

Including them in a healthy diet plan to lose weight
will add years on your life as well as a pain free existance.

Beta-Carotene (pro vitamin A)

 Yellow and Green  Foods
Vitamin A Milk products, eggs, liver, fish
Vitamin C Citrus fruits,sweet peppers
vitamin E-wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds beef pork

Trace Elements-Antioxidants

Zinc,copper, selenium -shellfish,poultry(innards)such as liver.
Ocean fish (selenium)
Garlic, leeks,onions cabbage, broccoli

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