Friday, November 30, 2012

Healthy Holiday Green Beans

I can’t take credit for this recipe, It is courtesy of Whole foods,one of my favorite places to shop.
I do love Green Beans and this is a perfectly delicious and healthy recipe!

Green Beans With Shallots And Almonds

Serves 6 to 8
Serve these green beans on a large platter with lemon wedges on the side for squeezing over the top.
They make a great side dish for holiday meals as well as roasted fish or grilled shrimp.

Ingredients: green bean recipes

Get A Six Pack- Trim Your Ab

Watch this video to learn this strange way to trim your belly fat!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3 Steps To Stopping Constipation For Good

A case of constipation usually means that you've had one or fewer bowel-movements in a typical day. This might happen because you've just changed your diet from bad food to good food. Your body has to adjust to the different food, so you have to give your body time to get used to it.

Another common cause for constipation is dehydration. If you don/t take in the proper amount of water every day, you will have trouble with your colon being unable to push waste out.

Hints For Simple Fat Loss


Losing fat shouldn't be as hard as many people try to make it. People who are desperate to lose fat are often prone to take more risks (something that I try to help you avoid). The truth is that with some basic principles you can make some serious progress toward fat loss without any major effort. Often a client will come to me looking for some hints that will help them shed some weight quickly.

 I am always happy to tell them my �secret� tips that are always surprisingly effective. In fact, many people have found these tips to make an easy ten pound difference as they get started on a new program. You might thing that these suggestions are really hi-tech or mysterious, but in reality, they are basic principles that I've seen successful over and over again. Here they are.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

These Powerful Antioxidant Foods Contains Free Radical Killers

These powerful antioxidant and trace element foods below kill disease forming free radicals from destroying your health from debilitating disorder such as arthritis and other autoimmune disorders.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Discover Something to Motivate You to Exercise


Even though most people are aware of how significant exercise is to weight reduction, many have trouble making themselves do it. There are others who never can seem to find the time. Reality is that developing an exercise routine can be difficult when you are starting out. The key is developing a lifestyle that is accommodating to an exercise routine.

One thing is for sure: you need to get involved with an exercise plan that will keep your attention. In other words, I want you to be involved in exercises that you enjoy. This will make it natural to get into the daily routine since you want to do it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How To Start A Healthy Diet Plan And Stop Yo Yo Diets

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Losing weight and gaining it back is the story of so many lives. The need to be thinner has consumed us so deeply that many have put their health at risk or have been doomed to regain it back in no time at all.

We are tormented everyday with diet potions and pills; then hypnotized with juicy burgers and salty/sweet goodies. Is it our fault the baby boomers are the most over weight generation?

Taking the weight off is suppose to be about getting more healthy and living longer. But the sad truth is that those things are a distant second to looking hotter than your friends and having better confidence.