Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are You Tired Of Having No Energy To Exercise? Get Incredible Energy With Deep Breathing Exercise Technique- Guaranteed!

How to lose weight fast is all we hear. Quick easy exercises! Quick easy diets! Lose Weight Fast! But we don't lose weight fast . We buy the equipment, plan or food. They may work but we do not have the energy to make the effort.

These plans never addresses the lack of energy we don't have. We now know what to do and how to do it. We even start but do not finish , because we lack the energy to see the plan though.

Well let's start over! In ten days dust that bike , exercise machine, and scale off. We will be ready to begin again and this time for the long haul! What? You smoke or have asthma symptoms? No worries you especially need to know this !

This exercise will not tire you or make a sweat. You may get a little dizzy in the beginning because the oxygen is being forced in where it once had little. This will pass. But , boy is it effective!

Best Time For Deep Breathing Exercise

The best times for doing your deep breathing exercise is in the early mornings before 6:30 am and after the rain when the air is cleaner.
Anytime during the day to increase lung capacity is great. Do it during lunch break and after dinner before or during a walk. It's up to you, you always have your tools with you.

Deep Breathing Exercise 1-4-2 let's go!

Deep breathing will force the oxygen to your brain ,organs, blood, and lymph nodes. The blood is our life supply that sustains us, without our brain properly functioning we are useless, and our lymph nodes takes care of our waste throughout our body.

By doing deep breathing exercises 10 times a day for two weeks we will see our energy sore. We will become quicker , sleep better , breath better, and live longer!

Benefits Of Deep Breathing

  • Increase Vitality
  • Healther Lung Function
  • Live Longer
  • Lose Weight
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Vibrant Skin
  • Increased Libido

Deep Breathing Exercise Instructions

  • Hold mouth as if your whistling

  • Breath in to the count of 7 seconds

  • Now hold breath to the count of (7x4) 28 seconds ( or work your way up the that)

  • Release breath through whistle position lips slowly to the count of (7x2) 14 seconds

That's it! Maybe a little lightheaded? This is normal. Do this 10 times a day for two weeks. I challenge you to do this for 10 days and you will not believe the extra energy you will have. You will soon look in the mirror and see a glow and a healthier you looking back.

You will also be less hungry after exercising. This exercise stops your body from screaming for oxygen which causes hunger pains. You are now supplying the body with what it needs to function properly. Oxygen!

You will eventually naturally lose weight by causing the body to burn more calories more efficiently and cause you to become more active. Just imagine what it will do when you eat more healthy and exercise!

Good Luck and Much Health!

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