Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bike Riding With The Cannondale 'F5 Feminine

The Cannondale F5 is a wonderful recreational mountain bike for serious women bike riders. You can customize this bike to your performance level. If your an animal on your ride , no worries this tough piece of work can take a hit.
Cannondale 2011 Trail SL 4 Hardtail Mountain Bike - Medium, 26", 43.3cm, RedBurning calories with the Cannondale F5 will be like a dream. The performance alone will have you taking your indurance to another level. You will be melting of body fat and loving it! The energy alone will transend you into another person.
If you have not been riding long , no worries once you get hook the rest is smooth sailing. Get ready to enjoy the new you. The seats are comfortable and so will you.

The weather also is a non issue, of course be careful and use your head. But this baby performs very well in wet and muddy weather. Just break it in and enjoy the ride, the performance will make you feel invincible! This is one investment you will never regret.

If you notice after a while of riding your Cannondale F5 is not performing the same, no worries the Cannondale F5 comes with a FREE warranty tune-up for the first 2 months, you see this simply means the cable is fully positioned , this is normal when a bike is new.

At one time you could only get the Cannondale F5 from a REI shop and they will not deliver, you had to pick this baby up from a REI nearest location to you. But now a days online stores like Amazon could accommodate you.  If your new to mountain bikes you can also grab a no hassle mountain bike guide with everything you need to know.

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